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  • What is Virgin Hair ?
    VIRGIN HAIR refers to the hair which is 100% RAW Natural Hair or UNPROCESSED human hair coming from real donors. In other terms the virgin hair is the hair which is never been chemically treated, permed, colored, dyed, bleached, processed or styled. Please note: If you are purchasing hair with defined, identical curl or wave pattern then you should understand that it is permed/processed hair.
  • What is remy Pure Hair ?
    To put it in simple way, virgin hair can be called as remy pure hair IF it is in natural unprocessed state with cuticles intact. When the virgin hair is processed to get the desired color or texture type or both then we call it as remy pure hair.
  • What is Cuticle Aligned Hair ?
    The hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft. Cuticles are formed from protein cells, overlapping in layers, which form scales that give hair shaft strength and provide protection for it. Cuticle layer is responsible to allow and hold the moisture there by determines how well your hair styles and feels. Note: Virgin Hair or Remy Pure hair must have cuticle layer intact.
  • What Is Processed Hair ?
    Processed hair is the human hair which is chemically treated. During the production of hair extensions, hair is soaked in acid and other chemicals to strip of cuticle layer which alters all the natural characteristics of hair strands.
  • What is the quality of hair used to make hair extensions ?
    All of our hair extensions are made with 100% Raw Virgin Indian Hair. This type of Indian hair is sourced directly from south Indian temples and also from few raw material suppliers. RAW Indian hair is 100% Natural Un-Processed hair so simply the hair quality speaks for itself.
  • Can we cut Weft/tracks when installing hair ?
    Generally we don't recommend cutting or tampering wefts/tracks, but if you need to cut or alter the wefts then we recommend sealing the ends with glue to minimize shedding issues.
  • Can the hair extensions be colored/dyed ?
    YES, you can color the virgin/raw hair extensions. 100% virgin hair has never been chemically treated and it can therefore handle the coloring process very well. However, it will no longer be called as virgin hair once you color or process the hair. We suggest you consult a professional if you wish to color the hair extenions. NOTE: Every bundle of virgin indian hair is coming from different donor so please color a small strand first before you try coloring the whole bundle. Also, do not try to bleach/dye too close to the track area of the bundles as the coloring chemicals can alter/loosens the tracks which can cause shedding issues.
  • Can the hair be Straightened or curled or styled ?
    YES, this is 100% Human Hair, so you can style it to achieve your desired look. Please do not keep your styling tool s in highest heat settings. NOTE: Too much heat over the time affects natural hair textures and leaves it looking dull.
  • Will the hair wave up again after we straighten ?
    Yes it will, but the more you straighten the hair the more you will lose the pattern. It is important to remember that the hair is no longer receiving any nourishment, so if you continuously straighten you will relax the pattern just like you would with your own hair.
  • How is the lenght Measured ?
    The Straight Textures are measured true to length. The curly, Body Wave, Loose Wave, and Deep Wave are measured when hair is pulled straight.
  • how long does your hair typically last ?
    Remy Pure Indian Hair aka RAW Virgin hair can last for years and ofcourse it depends on how you take care of it.
  • how many bundles do i need to complete a full sew-in ? how much hair do i need to order ?
    For a full sew-in weave we recommend 2 bundles for hair lengths up to 16", and 3 bundles minimum for hair 18″ and longer. The main rule: longer hair equals shorter weft width. Also, take into consideration that the number of packs needed also depends on the style and volume you desire. We offer 2 bundle deals, 3 bundle deals and bundles with closure deals.
  • why do you suggest to condition curly hair ?
    Conditioner washing, is a way to clean the hair without the use of shampoo. Washing your hair with conditioner, is often considered very good for curly hair and it consists of cleansing the hair with a MOISTURIZING conditioner.
  • Can i place an order and pick it up at one of the locations ?
    Currently we are not offering in-store pickup option for online orders. Whats app our India factory at +91-7200979998 or just email us at to know more about other order processing and payment options.
  • How long does it take to process and ship orders ?
    Order processing time and estimated shipping time for customized orders will be mentioned in the Invoice or will be notified via email at the time of purchase or submitting your order. For reasons out of our control, if at all we are unable to process your order or anticipate any unexpected delays then we will contact you immediately to revise the time estimate and if it is not acceptable to you, we will cancel the order and refund the amount back to you. All in-stock items are shipped out on next working day after we receive the payment confirmation. Payments made via Paypal, Credit cards with different billing & Shipping address may be subject to verification delays. Card verification process may require additional info from the buyer and may take up to 15 business days.
  • Will i receive the shipment or order dispach confirmation ?
    Immediately upon dispatching the order, buyer will receive an email with the AWB No (Airway Bill Number) / tracking number which can be used to track the status of your shipment. Please allow 12-24 hours for the tracking details to start showing the status on the shipper’s site. We will take every care to provide all details to shipping company and for any reason, if the shipping provider delays the dispatch and informs us, we will keep you updated about the same and Black Boat Hairs will not be liable for any damages arising out of the delay. Please note, all delivery times are estimates and Black Boat hairs is not responsible for delays due to weather, delivery carrier factors, customer error, holiday-related delays, international customs clearance regulations, or any other unforeseen factors. Black Boat hairs is not responsible for import clearance, duties or any other taxes and all such costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
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