Blonde straight Hair Extensions

blonde hair extensions 

processed or bleached hair 

double weft 


Blonde straight Hair Extensions

  • bleached human hair Straight 

    Made from high-quality temple hair. Thick and full from head to tail

    Cuticles Intact

    Every bundle is sourced from donor heads and tails unidirectional with cuticles intact

    Natural Human Hair  chemical process 100% 

    Ultra-Strong Wefts

    High grade cotton threads and imported machines (from JAPAN) provides ultra-strong wefts that are safe on skin

    Lasts a Lifetime

    Can be sewed in and you can live with our hair extensions with little maintenance

    Demand Market

    Wholesale Human Hair Distributors in United States, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Other western European countries, Australia and Middle East Countries